The heavy duty folding trolley is a form of equipment which is widely used within heavy industry as well as the events industry. Typically it is used to move heavy goods quickly and effectively in busy and cluttered environments as well as in warehouses and retail environments. This guide will look at the overall advantages of the heavy duty folding trolley as well as the alternatives that can be used in its place.

What Is The Heavy Duty Folding Trolley?

The heavy duty folding trolley is a form of equipment which is widely used within a number of industries. This is the case because it is lightweight and highly versatile meaning that it can be moved with ease and can be used in a variety of different environments. A unique notable feature of the heavy duty folding trolley is that it can be folded to be stored. This means that it can be stored considerably easier than a regular piece of equipment.

Typically , the heavy duty folding trolley is used as an asset to move goods in busy and cramped environments. The trolley can work well in this type of environment thanks to its unique compact design and lightweight structure. In addition to this it can still handle heavy weights due to its robust design.

Heavy duty folding trolley

What Are The Main Advantages To Using This Trolley?

There are a number of inherent advantages to using this trolley. Here are some the main and most important benefits:

  • This type of trolley can be purchased for very affordable prices thanks to its overall design and construction
  • This trolley can be used in a variety of different environments and is a very capable work tool
  • It only requires one operator to use it which saves on overall time and labour costs
  • Can be stored easily and at little cost due to its compact size
  • Can ensure work can be conducted quickly and effectively allowing for heavy goods to be moved with ease

What Are The Alternatives To Using The Heavy Duty Folding Trolley

Overall there are a wide variety of different alternatives to using this particular type of trolley overall. One of the most popular forms of alternative equipment which may be used to perform a similar role is the forklift truck. Whilst the forklift truck is by far the most popular out of the two , it has a number of inherent disadvantages which mean it isn’t always as practical as the folding trolley.

For example one of the main drawbacks of the forklift truck is its overall costs. When compared with the folding trolley the forklift truck is overall considerably more expensive than the trolley. This due to the forklift essentially being a small vehicle and require a skilled trained operator in order to be operated.

A further drawback of this equipment is its overall size. A forklift truck is considerably larger than a folding trolley and requires a much larger space in order to work effectively. This limits its ability to work in confined environments.

However the forklift does of course have many advantages to it that put it way ahead of the competition in many different ways. One of the main and most significant features of the forklift is its weight capacity. Forklifts can typically lift over a tonne all the way up to several tonnes.

Heavy duty folding trolley