Warmly decorated living room with wooden Venetian blinds Glasgow partly covering windows on the left wall.

Are you considering buying new blinds Glasgow? Not sure where to go or which style to choose? When struggling to come to a decision you should opt for a store that allows a try before you buy service. For example, the Glasgow based company Casa Blinds offer a stunning variety of different blinds styles and colours. On top of that, Casa Blinds provide a free shop at home service to all customers. To learn more about this respected independent blinds retailer, continue reading this article.


Time for a Change

There are three times in the year which represent a significant change. The first is the New Year, the second in the spring, and the third is the month of September. September is the sign of new beginnings, anyone who has attended university will know that this month marks the sign of a new academic year. In addition to that, September usually marks a change of weather in Glasgow which ignites in many the urge to switch up their style. If it’s your interior décor you are looking to refresh but your budget is limited, there are several small changes you can make that will have a huge effect. Adding blinds to your windows, or changing the style of blinds you currently have will instantly revamp your entire aesthetic. Blinds Glasgow retailer Casa Blinds are the perfect choice to find the ideal blinds for your home.

A white wall with white venetian blinds covering a small window with a green leafy plant stood beside it.

Venetian Blinds by Casa Blinds

Venetian blinds are basic slatted blinds, typically made of metal, plastic or wooden slats, which are suspended by strips of cloth called tapes, or by cords. The cords or tapes are used to rotate the blinds 180 degrees. There is also usually a cord that is used to pull all the slats tightly together at the top of the window. This is also used to loosen the slats and lower them down one by one to the sill. Casa Blinds offer hundreds of colours and finishes of Venetian blinds, giving customers a fantastic choice. Also, there are four different sizes available meaning that there is something for every customer.


Roller Blinds from Blinds Glasgow Store

A roller blind is a single piece of material that wraps around a cylinder casing and fitted to the top of the window frame. Usually, roller blinds are controlled by a chain mechanism that is attached to the blind casing. Pulling the chain will turn the casing rolling it up or down depending on which side of the chain you pull. Roller blinds Glasgow as extremely popular as they are typically low cost and offer a large selection of patterns, colours and textiles. Casa Blinds offer all the standard roller blind materials as well as blackout blinds and even have motorised roller blinds available.

Venetian Blinds open over three floor to ceiling windows in a brightly light flat with white dining room table and green leafy plants dotted around the room.

Free Shop at Home Service

The try before you buy service from Casa Blinds is one of the most popular services in Glasgow. The benefits of this blinds Glasgow service include:

  • It is a free service that provides the customer with a no obligation quote
  • Measuring and fitting is also free
  • The installation is completely child safe
  • It is fully guaranteed