you can now create your own website in the uk with ease

It is becoming more and more apparent just how important it is for a business to have an online presence. Consumers are flooding online to not only buy products but also to research them. This means that a business who isn’t online risks missing out on potential customers – whether they are looking to purchase or looking for inspiration. The biggest problem for small businesses is that they may not have the cash available to invest in a web designer/developer. A good website can cost thousands of pounds to buy and this is what hinders many business owners. However, even the most tech-challenged individual can create a website in the UK by simply using a website builder.

Website Builder

In recent years, there has been an influx in website builders online. These are simple tools online which allow you to create your own website from scratch. Companies such as Website Builder UK allow users to pay a small fee to make their own website by dragging and dropping different elements into pages. When you create a website in the UK yourself, you have complete creative control over the design and content elements. The website builder that you choose is likely to have a number of pre-made sections including contact forms, galleries and buttons which you can link to sections of your website or other sites.

Creating Your Website

There are some important factors to remember when you use a website builder. For one, you should ensure that your website is clean and easy to navigate. A user who finds your website overly complicated will often navigate away from it and go to a competitor. If you create your own website in the UK – make it relevant for your customers, make the content which you publish useful and informing.

Mobile Viewing

Mobile viewing is often overlooked by people who use a website builder. This can be a massive problem as the majority of consumers are now browsing websites from a mobila website builder should let you optimise your mobile viewinge device as opposed to desktop. The number of mobile users browsing a website surpassed desktop users back in 2016 and this percentage has been continuing to rise. If you create a website in the UK, you must pay particular attention to how the site looks on mobile viewing. Your website builder should have an option to monitor and edit your mobile viewing.  If you are deciding on which website builder to use, ensure that it will allow you to change and improve the mobile viewing of your site.

Benefits of Using a Website Builder

With a website builder there are so many benefits to enjoy, especially as an individual or a small business. If you have been on the fence about using a website builder, then here are some benefits to change your mind:

  • Inexpensive – many website builders allow you to create a website in the UK for little or no fee.
  • Your own domain – Although you have to pay a fee for this, it is well worth the money. You can have your own custom domain which will give your site a complete brand.
  • Creative control – You decide where everything goes on your site and how it should look.

These are only a few of the many benefits you can enjoy when using a website builder to create your own website in the UK.