Electric Pallet Lift can help bring these engineering drawings to life.


We know what your business needs, from a high calibre talent pool to the essentials like an electric pallet lift or other equipment. At Ash and Lacybp we want to make sure that our friends in the engineering industry have access to all of the best equipment they need. This includes a great electric pallet lift, as you will find out through reading the rest of this article. If you have any questions at all about finding the right machine for you, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team!

This is an example of a large, yellow electric pallet lift.

For the larger engineering firms: If you are the owner or one of the managers of a large engineering firm, you will know your business inside out. We like to think that we can help you make your processes more efficient, especially when on the site of major projects.

Equipment you may need will certainly include an electric pallet lift, perfect for transporting your materials from A to B, making your processes faster and alleviating some of the strain that your labourers may be incurring.

Otherwise, many of the things you will need come down to the talent which you can acquire. This will be from your financial team to the labourers and everything in between. Each person should bring their own ideas and talents to the business, helping the business to grow and flourish.

For smaller engineering firms:

When it comes to smaller firms, the projects will also be smaller- usually. There will be a smaller pool of staff and less equipment will be needed. However, the main aim of any small business should be growth and maintaining exceptional standards of work.

In order to grow, we recommend investing in the right things now, so that you will be prepared when the business sees an influx of new projects. For staff, provide continuous training and personal development. For equipment, buy the best you can afford, whether it is printers for the office or an electric pallet lift for the heavy lifting. The best equipment will last longer and ensure you can work back the investment.


We want to make sure that every firm in the UK has access to the equipment it needs. We have found that specialising in certain types of machinery really ensures we can give maximum advice to our clients.

By ensuring we know them inside out, we can recommend the best electric pallet lift for your engineering firm’s needs.