When it comes to saving money on car repairs in the summer months, you really can save big by checking out how much the costs of all the parts you need to repair your car at the garage. Garage mechanics are usually pretty expensive because of their specialized services and the parts they stock. There are many great locations where you can buy cheap replacement parts from a garage repair shop for a lower price than you’d expect at an auto parts dealer. Garage services are becoming more popular because most people now have garages that are attached to their homes and often provide their own electrical power and water service.

Preventative Maintenance

One of the best ways to keep down your maintenance costs is to perform preventative maintenance on your car at home. This can include everything from washing the car with soap and water every morning to running a tire rotary tool every week. Even things as basic as oil changes can count as maintenance as long as they are performed every month. These basic things can be done by anyone and can add up to huge savings over time. The most important thing to remember when performing any type of maintenance or service at home is to not overdo it.

Another great way to save money on regular maintenance and repairs at garages is to get estimates from them. Most of the larger garages will offer free estimates for a wide range of different repairs. When getting estimates you should first make sure you have all the information you need including measurements, brands and model of your car and whether or not there are any safety features such as airbags or other devices. This information will help ensure the estimate is accurate.

Finding The Right Price For Your Repairs

Many times mechanics won’t offer you a free estimate if you have done something wrong with your car. Sometimes it may seem like common sense but many people don’t think through exactly what has gone wrong before calling a mechanic to fix it. If you’ve done some research online or called around to various repair shops you should have no problem at all getting an estimate from them. This is especially true if they have a good reputation. In fact you may even find that some mechanics will offer a discount on regular maintenance just because they want your business and will work hard to get it.

Brake pads and other parts are another area that can save you quite a bit of money on repairs. Some areas of the country, such as New England and the Pacific Northwest, have some of the highest prices in the country for brake pads. While you may not be able to move to one of these areas of the country many times you’ll find that there are cheaper places to buy brake pads in these areas. If you have problems with your brakes, you should always take them to your regular maintenance shop as soon as you can and let them replace them for you.


Finally, a lot of money can be saved by checking into the spare parts garage near you. A lot of people are shocked to learn how much garage space is taken up by car repairs and don’t realize how much of it can be saved by simply moving some of it to the garage. If you haven’t been checking the spare parts garage out in the past, you may be surprised what you find. There are probably a lot of things you’re keeping in the garage that could actually be used or repaired outside your car instead of just sitting there collecting dust. These are just some tips for saving money on car repairs that many people overlook.